Woking Taco

Woking Taco menuWoking Taco is a new mobile food cart that can, on most days, be found at the corner of Monroe Center and Ottawa near Rosa Parks Circle. Due to the name and the font, we assumed we’d be getting some sort of Asian fusion dish when we visited, but quickly discovered it’s a spin on the traditional Walking Taco, but instead served in a Chinese takeout box. A Walking Taco is a favorite at fairs and carnivals, and a pretty simple and delicious snack. The traditional is a bag of Fritos, opened and topped with meat and cheap nacho cheese, completed with a fork. Woking Taco takes that idea and repackages it into the new container and adds more adult ingredients.

Woking Taco

The sign on the food cart says it all. A layer of Fritos, meat (obviously go without), beans (they’re black beans), rice (white), lettuce, cheese (again, order without), and salsa. Pretty simple, right? There’s a menu where you can choose your type. We ordered a veggie taco no cheese. It was made pretty quickly and we shuffled over to the other side of the cart where there’s a salsa station. There are different heat flavors to choose from and also Salsa Verde and Sriracha.

Don’t leave before grabbing a box of water, Boxed Water is another business venture of one of the owners of Woking Taco.

Boxed water at Woking TacoWe spoke to Ben, one of those owners, about adding vegan meat to the options. When we brought up tofu he quickly said that he was looking into adding a tempeh meat into the mix. When you visit, be sure to let them know you’d welcome the addition.

Woking Taco is a great addition to the downtown food scene and we hope it opens the door for more mobile food vendors.