Stella’s Lounge

The hippie stuffed burger

The hippy stuffed burger

Over 100 of the best arcade games from the 80′s, amazing local beer and a whiskey list that puts most “big town” bars to shame. Already sounds good, right? Add in possibly the best vegan bar food you’ve ever eaten, and that’s Stella’s Lounge.

In the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Stella’s Lounge is rare, a bar that offers a number of vegan menu items. It’s hearty, sometimes greasy, but all tasty.

You can start off with the vegan nachos, called the Full Montie. It includes tempeh sausage, house-made sunflower vegan cheese & vegan ranch. You can add vegan chili for $2 . Another appetizer is the Beer Battered Onion Rings. They are served with a spicy avocado vegan ranch dressing. By far though, our favorite appetizer here is the Poor Man’s Potato Wings. These are 10 breaded potato wedges tossed in buffalo hot, mild, golden BBQ or sweet-chili sauce.  Served with celery & spicy avocado ranch on the side, you HAVE to try these. There are also deep-fried avocado slices and vegan chicken wings (made of seitan) that are big winners in our book.

For dinner, try one of the two vegan burgers:  The Hippy Stuffed Black Bean & Lentil Burger or the White Lightning. Both come with vegan dressing and Daiya cheese. If you’re in for some comfort food, try the vegan meatloaf.

If you find yourself at Stella’s after a Saturday night of drinking, you can order off the brunch menu. The veggie hash is just $3. There’s also a tofu scramble and other delights.

Bottom line, as a vegan, it’s a menu where you really can’t go wrong.