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New to veganism? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Maybe you’re looking to cut back on your intake of animals products and need information on how to best make the transition. We’ve assembled a handful of links we think will help you do just that.

About Veganism:
Vegan FAQ (vegan.org)
What do vegans eat? (veganoutreach.org)
Vegan diet information and tips (PCRM)
Vegan definitions and history (Wikipedia)

Reasons to cut back on animal products:
Why go veg? (Vegetarian Times)
Environmental destruction (veganoutreach.org)
Animal cruelty (chooseveg.org)
Eating fish is not good either! (peta.org)
Red meat consumption linked to cancer (npr.org)

Local resources:
Grand Rapids Vegan Meetup
Wake Up Weekend
Veg West Michigan

Other Vegan Cities:

Who we are:
We’re highly motivated by food. This project combines our love of food and our vegan lifestyle to give us a reason to share with and educate others! We believe Grand Rapids has a lot to offer vegans, and we hope this website will prove that. Hopefully, along the way, we can help guide you in your plant-based diet journey. If you have a resource you think we  should share on this page, drop us a line and let us know.


KoleneBioFor her day job, Kolene Allen works for the Environmental Services Department of the City of Grand Rapids, where she is able to bring her passion towards building a green infrastructure to the entire city for generations to come. She also volunteers for many community-based projects and non-profits, with a soft spot in her heart for helping animal rescue organizations.  She also served on the board for the West Michigan Cooperative, an organization dedicated to supporting a local food system. Kolene has been a proud veg for over fifteen years.

Find Kolene on Twitter: @kolenealllen



JonBioJon Dunn works as the Senior Manager of Policy for Best Friends Animal Society. Working in animal welfare has given him a true appreciation for what animals mean to society. Jon is also the board president for Wildlife SOS, an international organization that is helping to conserve and protect the wildlife in India, like elephants, bears, and leopards. An avid golfer, he is even more of an avid cook, with a pipe-dream of one day opening his own vegan bistro.

Find Jon on Twitter: @jon_dunn