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Jonny B’z Dogs and More

These perfect dogless dogs will run you about $3.79 a piece

Vegans wouldn’t think to stop at a hot dog joint for food, but this is one of those places that is serious about accommodating all hot dog eaters, even the dogless kind.

Situated on Wealthy Street right next door to one of the busiest bars in town, Jonny B’z Dogs and More caters to the ‘after bar scene’ by staying open till 3 am on the weekend. During the week they are open till 9 pm and a perfect place to stop for a hearty meal.

Jonny B’z offers a veggie dog that is vegan. The topping choices include all the regular fixings, but also a vegan chili sauce made in-house! What truly sets Jonny B’z apart are their grilled hot dog buns. We’re used to hot dog joints having steamy and soggy buns, but theirs is toasty and firm. They are also flat on the bottom (made special for them by a local bakery), so there are no hot dog mishaps and your toppings stay in place.

All the pinball machines are free!

There are also a handful of pinball machines decorating the 50s themed restaurant. An amazing discovery was made when I tried to get change for a dollar to play some vintage Space Shuttle Pinball Adventure – all of the games are FREE!

So whether you’ve had a few too many and need to eat something before you head home after a night out, or just want to grab a good meal, you won’t be disappointed with Jonny B’z Dogs and More.