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Humane Society of Grand Valley

625518_10151342827537051_1449689473_nIf you are a student at Grand Valley State University, you are going to be pleased to discover the Humane Society of Grand Valley. This is an all student-run organization dedicated to bettering the lives of animals and the environment. They help students get involved with volunteering at local animal shelters, raise awareness of animal issues to the entire student body, support local and state lobbying efforts, and organize events to educate the public about animal-related issues and how to be more humane.

Responsible for making GVSU the first university in Michigan to have all their dining venues switch to cage-free eggs, this organization is out to make an impact in West Michigan.  One of their biggest events of the year is Compassion in Fashion, a cat walk that highlights only cruelty-free clothing, shoes, and accessories.

If you’re a student at Grand Valley who wants to get involved, contact them.