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The Green Well Gastro Pub

Vegetable-Quinoa Salad (without the feta)

Vegetable-Quinoa Salad (without the feta)

This neighborhood gastro pub has more than just “green” in it’s name. It prides itself on occupying a LEED certified building, including as many local ingredients as it can on their menu, and offering up Michigan beers and wines to support the local economy and reduce it’s carbon-footprint.

The menu at the Green Well isn’t too vegan-friendly, and you have to be very careful what you order. The reason we have included them here is because they are still very accommodating to vegans.

Veggie items aren’t marked on the menu, so tell your server you are vegan and you should have no trouble getting an amazing meal. Be careful, as of this writing (Jan 2014), the tortilla wraps are not vegan so you’ll need to special order those open face on flat bread instead. Again, your server should be able to help. We also learned that they only have one fryer, so anything fried will be cooked in the same oil as meat items, which is a problem for us. Avoid the falafel and fries if that’s a problem for you too.

The menu is ever changing (usually with what’s in season), so we aren’t even going to try to break it down for you! We will say this though, while we aren’t big salad fans, they have some of the most creative and filling ones anywhere, and so we have been known to order them from here more than any other restaurant we visit!

Another option, like we mentioned above, is to just ask the server to ask the chef what they can do for you! We’ve always found The Green Well to be amazingly¬†accommodating, and some of the best meals we’ve had there have been when we’ve let the chef create something off-menu for us.

There is an extensive list of local and international beers, liquors, and wines. Accompany your gastro pub experience with a local brew!