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Gaia Cafe

Image courtesy of Gaia Cafe

Gaia Cafe closed in September 2014.

One thing that you will not get at Gaia is exceptional service, which is what I think adds to its charm. A quaint little cafe in East Hills, Gaia has a self servicing beverage station with fair trade coffee (and non dairy creamers). You’re on the honor system to tell your waitress what you consumed!

Gaia has been the only surviving all-vegetarian restaurant in Grand Rapids for years. I can recall a few more that have come and gone, yet Gaia Cafe remains. It’s probably because the food is fast and good.

Every single dish on the menu is vegetarian but not many are purely vegan. Use caution when ordering, as many items have cheese and sour cream. They do carry Daiya cheese so you can always sub the cheese if you want. Simply let your server know you are vegan, and they are very accommodating.  Many of the dishes have a cuban theme, like the Mean Green Burrito. A favorite of ours has always been the Veggie Hash, which is heavy on ginger and garlic.

A great place for weekend breakfast, go early or late (they close at 3 on the weekends), as seating can be hard to come by.