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Brick Road Pizza Co.

Photo credit: Steven Depolo

We are not your typical pizza joint…”

Brick Road Pizza Co. has that part right. While you will find meat options at Brick Road, you’ll find that a good chunk of the menu options are animal free.

The menu is inventive, and delicious. As already mentioned, they do offer some meat options, but they have a big vegan audience so many dishes cater to the plant-based lifestyle.


Buffalo Tofu Pizza

There are the typical pizzeria offerings, such as pizzas, calzones, sandwiches and pasta, all with vegan options. But a closer look reveals vegan treats such as:

  • Buffalo tofu wrap (this flavor in the pizza version pictured below)
  • Vegan faux meat lovers pizza (tempeh, tofu, seitan)
  • Vegan pulled pork (made from shredded jackfruit)
  • Vegan tempeh rueben
  • Vegan alfredo pasta
  • Vegan Mac and Cheese (one of our favorites after we add broccoli and tempeh bacon)
  • The famous Vegan Garbage Plate (a layer of mac salad, fried potatoes, black bean burger, spicy “meat”, and a homemade roll, all topped with ketchup and mustard)

On Sundays, Brick Road offers up a brunch menu that is always changing. We’ve had items like breakfast sandwich wraps, calzones with gravy instead of pizza sauce, and tofu scramble. Each item comes with two incredible cinnamon bread sticks!