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Burritotown a Big Hit!

UPDATE: As of April 2013, Burritown is now closed, but Bartertown remains open

Over the weekend, the folks at Bartertown Diner took on an experiment. Is there a need for better, cheap (but totally delicious) late night eats in Grand Rapids?

After this weekend, it seems that the answer is yes!

Starting at 10pm on Saturday night, Bartertown became Burritown. It was a simple menu, just a handful of choices, all reasonably priced. The hope from Dallas, Ryan and the rest of the Bartertown crew was that enough people would turn out and prove that Burritotown should offer the late night crowd an option on a more regular basis.

We weren’t out partying Saturday night, but we wanted to check it out so we arrived at open (just a bit before) and grabbed some to-go. For about 10 bucks, we had two tacos ($2 each) and the $4 burrito with rice, beans, a chili-garlic aioli and daiya jack cheese (that added $1.50 to the burrito). Although we didn’t try them, they had three different “speciality” burritos each for $9.

Honestly, the food was delicious. I can imagine with a belly full of beer that they’d be even better! This really has been something needed in Grand Rapids for a long time, so we’re even happier to hear that Bartertown will begin doing this regularly starting in July. Each Wednesday thru Saturday, they’ll be open from 10pm-3am serving great, easy-on-the-wallet burritos and tacos. The burrito smelled so good, I took a bite before I could get a photo!



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